Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a week since Steve got down on one knee and  asked me to marry him!

One of my favourite things has always been hearing other people’s engagement stories! Each one is so unique and so perfect for each couple. I love watching the look on a bride-to-be’s face while she tells her story. Sometimes it’s a huge smile that spreads across her face, a glance at her fiancé, or that dreamy look that says she can close her eyes and relive each moment like it was yesterday, that makes each story absolutely perfect!

Today I thought I’d share my story with you!

My family, Steve, and I had been looking forward to our Whistler snowboarding trip since we booked our flights in the fall. The first three days on the mountain were amazing, and I couldn’t figure out why Steve was so bothered that it was cloudy. He was obsessed with checking the weather each day, but seemed more concerned with sunshine than snowfall! Wednesday February 22nd, the sun finally decided to peek through the clouds, and Steve couldn’t have been more excited as we put our boots on that morning!

That afternoon, as the sunshine shone through the clouds and Steve got down on one knee I remember thinking what a beautiful day it was! My actual train of thought was more like “Wow, is this actually happening? Right now? On Whistler?! This is unreal!” After seven years of dating my best friend, I had always just assumed I’d have some idea of when this day would come, but Steve caught me completely by surprise!

Weeks before, Steve had asked my dad and both my grandpas’ for their blessing. Days before, he had told his parents about his plan. Hours before, he had chatted with my dad about some of the best spots on the mountain to pop the question. Moments before, he moved the ring to his pocket and handed our camera to my friend Larissa. It wasn’t until I heard “T, I want to spend the rest of my life with you..” and his voice went a little shaky, that I finally clued in! That’s when it all became real. I remember thinking it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day! “This is actually happening and it’s absolutely perfect!”, but those words never quite made it from my brain to my mouth and I just stood there and nodded like crazy!

That’s our story! The best part is that our family and friends were there to capture the whole thing!

We’re engaged!! 🙂


Here are some of the images by Larissa Haltigin & video by Paul Cameron!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/37601927]


Awww Beautiful !!!! I wish you both all the best ! And a life time of love !!! What a beautiful couple !

Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary…..with many more years of a wonderful life together!

This is beautiful 🙂 you guys are awesome!

This is easily my fave engagement video/photos ever! Miss you guys!

Miss you too! Come visit sometime. 🙂

Brought tears to my eyes. I love the mountains.. so magical. What a beautiful memory.

My favorite is your pom pom bobbing back and forth when you say yes. So cute

I love you guys!

Ahhhhaha. Thank you for the visual!

I am smiling like a goofball watching this. So you two and so perfect!

Wow, time really flies! What a sweet video. It was so nice for us all to meet you guys years back 🙂 cheers, Angel

It really does! I hope you’re doing well.

I LOVE THIS <3 what an incredible couple with the most perfect love story! happy engagement-versary lovebirds! xo

Ilene this is what I was telling you about on Monday!

You two are just the cutest!!! Love!

Congratulations Tara and Steve!
Thank you for sharing this beautiful proposal.
Through this video you will remember it for the rest of your lives.
Grandpa Peter

I love you both. So happy you have another amazing story to share!! – Kendra

Absolutley Beautiful Tara, ……Steve truely is a romantic, lucky you 😀

Seriously such an awesome proposal!! I loved the face that you were speechless and nodding like crazy! So happy for you and Steve!


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