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August 11, 2017

I love birthdays. I’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile.

If there is one thing 30 has taught me, it’s to dig deep and figure out what success looks like for you. I don’t just mean in business, but life as a whole.

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." 
-Maya Angelou

So, this one is for the dreamers.

The ones who live with their head in the clouds and are ruled by their hearts. The ones who listen to try and understand. The ones who accept that feeling things deeply means sometimes life hurts like hell, yet they never lose their sense of wonder. The ones who know the lows make the highs that much sweeter. That life is about passion as well as compassion.
Strength and grace. 

Cheers to pursuing those crazy dreams of yours.

Living in Whistler, traveling the world to capture weddings, and doing it alongside that handsome husband of mine feels like success to me. So while I’m just getting started chasing all my crazy dreams, I’m also going to pause for a moment to really appreciate where we are now.


PS.  Let us know the next time you’re in Whistler! We would love to go for a hike, grab a pint or capture some gorgeous images in the mountains. Maybe all three?

all images by Steve

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"Be kind, love your friends fiercely & give less shits about the things 
that won’t matter in five years."
-Thats my motto for 3o.

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Tara Lilly yes please! We are in Squamish now but in whistler often. Shoot me a message when you’re around 604-396-7895

Thank you! Steve and I moved into our place in Creekside, we’d love to hangout with you guys sometime soon!

Omg that last photo tho!!!! Epic! Enjoy the bday!

Ah thanks Michelle! Steve still amazes me with his photo skills!

Tara, you are a genuine beauty, inside and out! Wishing you a beautiful birthday week xoxo

Here’s wishing you a very happy Birthday and many more to come…..Grandma June

Ugh. Still so young! Enjoy all of it! <3

Happy Birthday Tara Lilly!! Can’t wait to catch up soon 🙂

Thank you!! I’m so stoked to see you guys!! Hope you’re having a great winter.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope we can reconnect soon <3

Happy birthday Tara!!! I am so lucky to have you as a friend. Your heart is pure and you are the sweetest person I know. I love you and I miss you. Drink some champagne for me… until we can celebrate together!!
Love, Emilie

Happy birthday Tara! I hope I can come and visit you in whistler soon! 🙂

Thank you Joey! Please do!! You guys are welcome to come stay with us anytime!

You are so cute Tara! Steve, the photos are obviously amazing. Have so much fun celebrating 30 you two! ❤❤

Ohmyword. do I ever love you! Happy birthday, you beautiful soul!!!!

Still can’t believe I got to see your face in real life on my birthday two years in a row. You’re the absolute best. Thank you thank you thank you. <3

You are the loveliest!!!

<3! Have the most amazing trip!!

Happy birthday. Stunning photo of you. ❤️

Tara Lilly and you are a pretty wicked subject 😉

Thanks Monashee! That Steve is pretty wicked with a camera!

Happy birthday, Tara!!!! Hope this year is amazing and full of love and adventure for you!

Happy Birthday!! I’m so happy to read about the way you are looking at life. You are very wise and I’m sure your life will be everything you dream it will be.

Happy Birthday!!! Loved reading your wise words!!

Thanks Erin! Hope you’re having an amazing summer!

Love you girl and CANNOT wait for The Camp Collective!

Happy 30th, welcome to the club xxx

Thank you! You make it look good 🙂

So much love for this Tara!! Happy birthday gorgeous! I needed to read this – I usually am not looking forward to my birthday which is SOON, but I’m trying to look forward to this one and appreciate everything in life that has brought me to pursuing dreams and living a life we absolutely love!! <3 Your words definitely helped instil that mindset today!

Well, it’s on a Tuesday this year so we are having two awesome weekends to bookend it! The long weekend we might actually be heading up to Whistler for the first time, and the weekend after we are heading to Vegas for a friends’ wedding! So shaping up to be a pretty awesome week of celebrations!

That’s amazing to hear! What do you have planned for your birthday?

Love it!!! I wish I had embraced 30 like this 🙂 here’s to a spectacular year!! <3

Happy birthday sweet friend!!! Love you long time xoox

Thank you so much for making me feel so special yesterday!! I wish I had more real life JVS time in my life 🙂

Wise words my gypsy friend <3

YA! We did it Em 🙂 Cheers to full-weird!

More like full weird friend! Hahahaha love you two!

Happy birthday! Let’s chug prosecco together sometime

Happy birthday to your gorgeous and talented soul! Wishing you the best year to follow

Happy Birthday Friend, so grateful to know you!! Have an amazing day + week ❤️

Thank you! I feel the same about you!

I love it! And 30 looks good on you! Happy Birthday T!!!! xo

Thanks so much!! Yours is just around the corner! <3

How was 30 a decade ago for me? Enjoy all the celebrations, the love and the continual adventures.
You are living the life too many only wish they thought to live!
Happy Birthday wishes to you!!! Xo

I swear time flys faster and faster every year!
Lets hangout in Van or Whistler when things slow down in the fall!

Love all of this! Happy Birthday!! You are such a beautiful soul and so inspiring. Can’t wait to see what you (and the handsome husband) do next!
Next time you go to Joffre you have to go to the top.. it’s absolutely stunning. Maybe leave the Prosecco at home for after though. ❤

Thank you! Hope we get to see you guys soon!!
We usually do, but couldn’t because of my ankle this time.

Huge fan of your motto for 30! I love your philosophy for life and your heads in the cloud mentality! I will continue to admire you with my two feet firmly planted on the ground lol. I love you T – so fiercely!!

Thank goodness for rock solid grounded friends like you <3

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Human!! Have the most wonderful day EVER! <3

Thank you!! Hope I get to see you soon.

I love when you write straight from the heart – cheers to 30 years you beautiful soul ! The world is calling our names love – I can’t wait to plan our next adventure ( whenever and wherever that might be ) long distance has nothing on us, friend ❤️

Thank you!! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip! The photos looked ammmazing!

Happy dirty thirty girl!! Ill be joining the 30 train this year too and you have definitely kicking butt and experiencing all the things! You two are so awesome! When I am there in the new year, I will definitely be messaging you too hang <3 Have the best weekend!

Yes!! Please do, come stay with us while you’re in Whistler!

Happy 30th! Woo 30’s are great – best years of my life 🙂

That’s great to hear! Looking forward to them for sure.

Wooooo happy 30th T!! Hope it’s amazing! Will be joining you on the 30 train in a couple weeks! ☺️

Yay!! How will you be celebrating the big 3-0?

“Be kind, love your friends fiercely & give less shits about the things
that won’t matter in five years.”
All the yes’s. <3 <3 <3


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