Travel Dates 2022

December 2021

Netherlands + Belgium

We will be exploring the Netherlands and Belgium over Christmas.

There is nothing quite like Europe during the holidays.

January 2022


Exploring Tokyo and the northern mountains for a ski trip.

If you have any must see or do destinations, please let us know!

April + May 2022

France + italy

Two of our best friends are getting married in a Chateau in the Dijon region of France.

We are excited to be back in Italy for a few weeks afterwards.

September 2022


We are photographing multiple weddings in the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and the Dolomites. We love that Italy feels like a second home.

We love to photograph

International Weddings

We understand that even small decisions affect climate change, and are actively trying to mitigate the impact of our business on the environment. As destination wedding photographers we understand that our travel is contributing to excessive carbon emissions from air travel. Moving forward, we will only be taking a limited number of destination weddings each year, and planning our personal travel around those dates or vis versa.

We are not here to judge anyone else or how they travel. We used to pride ourselves on the number of flight we took each year and the number of weddings shot all over the world. We spent more time in airport lounges than our own living room and more nights in hotel beds than our own. That said, we are all growing and learning as we go, and think it’s important to speak to our travel practises moving forward.

Tara Lilly Photography has net zero carbon emissions. We track all of our kilometres driven, flights taken, and household secondary emissions. If you’d like to learn more, we shared a full breakdown on Whistler Elopements.

We strive to practise ethical tourism and be more intentional about how we travel. We’ve built a lifestyle that allows us to work remotely most of the year, and often stay several nights or weeks in one location. We try to support small independent businesses, minimize transportation and practise Leave No Trace when exploring new areas. We also travel with reusable water bottles, cutlery, and a Steripen to eliminate the need to purchase single use plastic or water bottles when tap water isn't safe.

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