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Caiti + Megan | Same Sex Wedding | Tara Lilly Photography

Caiti + Megan | Same Sex Wedding | Tara Lilly Photography

Caiti and Megan gathered together 100 of their closest friends and family to celebrate their same sex wedding.

Caiti and Megan are some of our closest friends, and two of the most incredible people in the world! We were lucky enough to have them stand by us on our wedding day. Caiti, being the wordsmith that she is, actually officiated our wedding for us! When they mentioned they were planning their own wedding in less than 5 months, we were happy to help in any way we could. T stood along side Caiti, and I got to capture their beautiful same sex wedding.

These ladies met online and despite some first date mis-adventures, quickly found themselves falling for each other.

“I was two hours late for our first date, we missed our reservations that Meg had so carefully made a week before and ended up going to the local sports bar where Meg drank a caesars in record time and some biker guys kept trying to buy me drinks. It was a hilarious event, actually.

Then somewhere along the way we realized we had both stumbled upon someone who made us the best versions of ourselves. Meg is the kindest and wittiest person I know, and has a deeper sense of integrity than anyone I have ever met. My everyday has more joy in it because she is my wife.”

Within a year, their relationship led them to move cities, change jobs, plan a wedding, and start planning a family! As someone who is very active in the LGBTQ community, as well as a respected advocate and public speaker, Caiti had a few words to share about planning a same sex wedding:

“Both of us have been incredibly lucky when it comes to our families accepting us for who we are, but we have seen some friends in the LGBTQ community have to plan their weddings against families’ wishes or simply be too afraid to ever have the day of celebration because their people would not attend. Our wedding day meant we had to come out to the two people we had yet to do so -my Grandpa and Megan’s Babba. You can’t really have a wedding and pretend you’re just friends. When I told my Grandpa he gave me my late grandmother’s anniversary diamond to wear as my engagement ring, and said he would be honoured to walk me down the aisle. Meg’s Babba showed up in all of her glory in an all-red dress suite, massive earrings, and a hat made for a royal wedding. My Dad had also struggled in years passed to feel really comfortable with my sexuality, but on the day of when we hadn’t schedule father-daughter dances, my Dad insisted that he needed one and spent the whole song telling me how proud he was of me. Our day was not one that was filled with schedules, we didn’t have a head table, we didn’t ask our bridal party to wear matching dresses, we served food from a gourmet food truck, and had our friends and family bind our grocery-store flowers out in the garage. And it was perfect. I can remember on the days leading up the wedding, and for days after, trying to adequately express the awe and gratitude we felt for the all of the people and the love we felt and never being able to truly feel like the words I used were big enough. There are many people all over the world that are closeted because they have been made to feel unsafe about coming out- and we got to throw the biggest party and shout from the rooftops with almost a hundred people how much we loved one another. It was simultaneously such a statement and at the same time not at all about the fact that we were two women. When I have had to sum up our day in just a few words, I can only tell people that neither of us had ever really felt such a tidal wave of love and joy all happening in one place at one time in our entire lives. It was magic.”

Caiti and Megan held their wedding at the beautiful Cooper’s Hawk Winery, upgraded the bar with craft beer and premium booze, hired Smashed Apple Gourmet Catering to provide the amazing food and had Bigg Wiggle keep the dance floor busy all night!

It was a perfect night surrounded by great friends and amazing family.

-Steve & Tara

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